Indian Dinner

Had Indian dinner last night in Jasper. My waitress came and i introduced myself and Jackson. We start talking and i asked her where she is from. Thailand she said. I greeted her in Thai and asked her how is is doing and also how wonderful the food was. She almost fell out of her shoes. She was so surprised and excited that i spoke some Thai. I shared how i learned Thai from my friend Jan. We start talking and I shared my journey. She was in awe. She told me that she is lazy. I spoke with her about integrity and honoring ones word. How she is creating her live by her words. If she does not honor her own word who will. She was in tears and said. It was meant to be to meet you. This message came from God and is meant for her We hugged each other. She left inspired and uplifted. I feel sometimes I am a messenger for the people I meet
If we see greatness and power in others their light will shine and anything is possible

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