Funny Story

Good morning everyone
A little funny story. When I got here i checked in with the tourist information center. That’s where i go every day to get free wifi. Anyway i asked what i could do while here for a short time. Many of the things i wanted to do are still closed. She recommended mountain biking. I declined sharing where i just came from and suggested I am more interested in hiking. She showed me a map with great hiking paths. She recommended some areas and i was all excited to go out when she took a highlighter and started to xx out some trails. She said: you can”t hike here the Elks are calving and quit aggressive. Ok let’s look at another trail. That one is x out because we just had a grizzly bear sighting on that trail. Ok whats with this trail i asked. She x out part of that trail saying there was cougar sighting. I thanked her and told her i prefer to stay in town. It has bin relaxing no worry about bears, moose and any other wildlife. I will face them soon enough. Have an awesome day. And thanks again for joining Jackson and I on this amazing journey

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