May 13, 2017

May 13 at 2:17pm ·



Hi everyone
Jackson and I am so Grateful
I am grateful I woke up in a warm room
Grateful I slept more than 3 hour
Grateful my body could fall into the mattress and letting go of fear and alertness.
Grateful for a toilet
Grateful for running water especially hot water
Grateful for I can shower
Grateful for Jackson and his unconditional love, playfulness and Joy
Grateful for all the kindness and support I experience
Grateful for all my friends and the abundance of love
Grateful to have you in my life.
Time to get the bike and trailer. Leaving tomorrow

May 2 send off Party for Uli’ Journey

My send off party is two days before I leaves for Alaska for my 6,000+ mile CURE FOR AIDS by 2020 bicycle ride from Alaska to Key West. Come out on May 2nd to wish me well and a safe ride.   Hope to see you

Three weeks to the adventure of a life time


Hi everyone,

We are getting close to the amazing Journey from Alaska to Key West.  Jackson and I are leaving in 3 weeks.  There is still so much to do and I still want to get in some training rides.  I still have to order a few supplies and ship those directly to Alaska.  I am nervous and excited at the same time.  Jackson is doing AMAZNG with his training for running next to the bike with and without the leash and he is a champ in his trailer.  This journey will be so much more than finding a cure for AIDS by 2020.  It will also be a journey within and looking at life itself.  I know there will be many physical, emotional and mechanical challenges that will come up.  Asking for your support to hold me high, to send your love, prayers and healing energy and also your financial support as this is a fundraiser for amfAR- AIDS Research Foundation.  Please visit