Met Tammy

Good morning everyone
What an amazing journey. Met Tammy yesterday from the First Nation Cree. Amazing connection and sharing. We both where moved to tears. On campsite till tomorrow than we leave for Jasper. My camping neighbors invited Jackson and I over for dinner. Fun sharing.


Hi guys
Jackson and I are doing ok. We had to hitch a ride twice and I hope you can forgive us and we did not want to stay on the side of the road and camp with all the wildlife we saw. I feel like I let you down but have to consider my and Jackson’s safty. Otherwise all is well. Our diet changed. I am afraid to cook while camping due to attracting bears. Eating whenever we can. Most foods are fried, burgers french fries. It’s not easy to get heslthy food. We eat whatever we can get. Jackson is over his dog food and prefers human food. I am losing some weight. Hands are cracked from cold weather so ard my lips which are also swollen. My nose runs like a waterfall during the day and at night is so dry yhat I have a little nose bleeding in the morning. My upper arms and chest are getting a incredible workout while ushing the bike uphill
Thinking of you all, your support, love and prayers and count ourself so lucky. Thank for being on this journey with meand Jackson. We feel so blessed by this whole experience and for having you in our life.



Said goodby to Linda and Nile in Grand cage. Love present. What an amazing sharing. I feel like i have known them for ever. Nile is a coal miner in Wyoming and linda is a home assosiation manager. Both came from hart backgrounds. Linda was in foster care and later adopted by the foster family Both have so much respect, love and appreciation for their experiences and for what they have created together. I am sure Nile is a Trump supporter it wasn’t really discussed. There was a brief mention of the mines and what Trump is going to do about it. They both came from accepting, love, respect and total support. I fell in love with both i already miss there company
Both loved Jackson and me. Inspired by what I was doing. I know we will be in each other’s life.
Dinner and Hotsprings with Linda and Nile

Getting tired

Hi everyone
I got in late last night. Getting tired. Temperature is still cold at night and mornings. It doesn’t warm up till noon or later. Hills are not letting up. Back to pushing bike uphill. Some days I can actually move with my bike other days it seems like an invisible force is holding me back. Quite frustrating. Thinking about how it must be living woth HIV/ AIDS. When everything goes well and suddenly you have a breakdown. You know you should be able to do this and it just isn’t working. I better read my rainy day notes day. Need something to uplight me right now. PS I just entered BC. Much love



Tough Day

Hi everyone
Quick update. Tough riding. Wind where brutal all morning. Climing again till midday. It was really hard till the wind lay down and I was able to move forward. I saw I don’t know how many black near. Very unnerving. I passed some Moose and Bison. Everything was so close to the road. A bit to close for my comfort to pitch a tent. I am as in no mans land. No one out there. I knew i wasn’t sleeping out there with that much activity. I fetched a ride to the closed lodging. Meet a beautiful couple from Wyoming who treat me like their own daughter. Just got back from soaking in a hotspring nesrby. Oh what a beautiful day.