Funny Story

Good morning everyone
A little funny story. When I got here i checked in with the tourist information center. That’s where i go every day to get free wifi. Anyway i asked what i could do while here for a short time. Many of the things i wanted to do are still closed. She recommended mountain biking. I declined sharing where i just came from and suggested I am more interested in hiking. She showed me a map with great hiking paths. She recommended some areas and i was all excited to go out when she took a highlighter and started to xx out some trails. She said: you can”t hike here the Elks are calving and quit aggressive. Ok let’s look at another trail. That one is x out because we just had a grizzly bear sighting on that trail. Ok whats with this trail i asked. She x out part of that trail saying there was cougar sighting. I thanked her and told her i prefer to stay in town. It has bin relaxing no worry about bears, moose and any other wildlife. I will face them soon enough. Have an awesome day. And thanks again for joining Jackson and I on this amazing journey

Thank you

Jacksn and I are so lucky and blessed. We have a beautiful warm bed to sleep in. So grateful we are not in our tent. It was stormy and cold last night. Feel blessed. Thanks everyone for your support, love, blessings, love and prayers. They work.

Indian Dinner

Had Indian dinner last night in Jasper. My waitress came and i introduced myself and Jackson. We start talking and i asked her where she is from. Thailand she said. I greeted her in Thai and asked her how is is doing and also how wonderful the food was. She almost fell out of her shoes. She was so surprised and excited that i spoke some Thai. I shared how i learned Thai from my friend Jan. We start talking and I shared my journey. She was in awe. She told me that she is lazy. I spoke with her about integrity and honoring ones word. How she is creating her live by her words. If she does not honor her own word who will. She was in tears and said. It was meant to be to meet you. This message came from God and is meant for her We hugged each other. She left inspired and uplifted. I feel sometimes I am a messenger for the people I meet
If we see greatness and power in others their light will shine and anything is possible

In Jasper

Hi everyone
I made it safely into Jasper yesterday and thanks godness i found inexpensive lodging with a beautiful older couple. We have a bed, hot shower and a flushing toilet. What luxury
I had to drop off the bike. Need new brakes, mirrow and paddles. Chain should be changed in about 800 miles. Beautiful day yesterday. Today very cold and rainy. They expect snow later. Did laundry this morning and it feels great to have fresh/ clean close on. Meeting so many interesting beautiful people and have the most amazing experiences. Will report more on this soon. Limited acess to wifi due to the storm last night. Hope this goes through

Cougar attack

PS there was a cougar attack yesterday where I walked. I am pushing myself into unknown territory-wildlife and overcoming fear. We took a long walk in the woods yesterday and truly enjoyed it. Letting go of worry and fear. Great sense of empowerment and freedom.

Hi everyone



Good morning everyone
Jackson and I are packed and in town for a good breakfast. Hot Oatmeal. Yesterday I had an early dinner. Wild salmon, rice and Veg. I am clowing from all that healthy food. We are heading over to Jasper today 80 kilometer sbout 40 miles. I broke three spoke on my bike and damaged my rim. Spokes have been fixed and a call has been made to a bikeshop in Jasper for rim. I hope this bike can endore this trip. Jackson is holding up great. So proud of this little guy. Miss you all and have an amazing day